Why choose a Vermont mortgage broker over a bank or credit union?

Vermont mortgage brokers have the ability to put your needs first.
At Vermont Mortgage Company, we work with a variety of local and national lenders, which gives us access to a much broader range of mortgage programs than any banks or credit unions will have. Our independence from a particular financial institution gives us versatility and allows us to place the needs of our clients first, to provide the program that best suits their needs. As a Vermont mortgage broker, we compare our lenders daily to identify the best Vermont mortgage rates and programs for our clients.

You’ll have an expert by your side.
We are Vermont mortgage experts who are leaders in our industry, and we stay apprised of laws and trends with ongoing education, training, and exams. And at Vermont Mortgage Company, our experts work closely with you to help you understand the complexities of the mortgage process, and ensure that you’re making the best decisions from start to finish. We help to expedite the process for you by serving as a liaison between you and the lender. With an experienced Vermont mortgage broker by your side, you’ll have peace of mind and more time to focus on other things.

Our commitment is to you, not the lender.
As a Vermont mortgage broker, our fiduciary obligation is to our client, not to the lender. We represent your needs first, unlike loan officers at banks or credit unions. With Vermont Mortgage Company, you’ll have a strong advocate in your corner to work with the lender, committed to giving you personalized service and the best outcome.

Most times, we can get you the best rates, programs, and fees.
We are always reviewing various programs, rates, and closing costs to provide the best Vermont mortgage options for our clients. We work hard to keep the many costs associated with obtaining a mortgage to a minimum, and we’re often able to offer a credit toward closing costs, due to the recent passage of the Dodd-Frank Act. In addition, our low overhead costs allow us to keep our fees extremely competitive within the market.

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