Happy Groundhog Day from all of us here at Vermont Mortgage Company! We hope you are all hunkered down and warm for the long winter.

Like us, many of you probably spend long hours at the office. Sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week can be draining. But did you know it could also affect your health? Many habits at the office can have long lasting affects on your body. With that in mind, we compiled a few tips to make sure the greater part of your workweek is beneficial to keeping you healthy!

1 – Heads up!

Having your computer monitor on your desk can cause neck pain and tightness. Constantly looking down increases the strain on the muscles that hold your head up. Not only that, this can also increase the likelihood of eye strain! A good rule of thumb is to have your monitor raised so that the top of the screen is at the same height as your head. This will keep your head level, and will also reward good posture. One change can have many healthy benefits!

2 – Stand to attention

One important aspect of humans is our ability to stand. However, many offices have one sitting for 8 hours or more! This constant sitting could wreak havoc on your back. See if you can get an upgrade to a standing desk. Not only does this allow you to spend more time upright, it also increases a feeling of well-being! If getting a standing desk isn’t an option, making sure to take regular walking breaks is a great alternative. Stand up and stretch every hour and take a lap of the office. Parking further away from the office is also a good way to get more exercise in. Or, if you’re feeling like going all out, treadmill desks are becoming a common sight in offices too. Build up your business while building up your fitness!


3 – Sweet tooth

It isn’t uncommon for some co-workers to have bowls of sweets for people. While a little treat is enticing, it could add up to hundreds of extra calories! Avoid the temptation to grab a handful by taking a different route back to your desk. Taking an alternate and longer route will be more beneficial to you. If this isn’t possible, maybe switch it out for a bowl of fruit. Maintaining a healthy mindset and actively seeking out the healthier option could lead to a lifestyle change!


4 – Hydration

We all dread the 3PM lull. Many go for the coffee pot to grab a caffeine top up. However, keeping yourself regularly hydrated can actually keep you awake! More often than not, the afternoon slump is caused by dehydration. Keep a bottle of water with you and make sure to drink several a day. Set up alarms on your phone to remind you when to have a bottle finished and to top up. This can also help you avoid sodas or energy drinks as a healthy alternative.


5 – Germicide

With the cold weather comes colds, flu, and everything in between. Making sure to stay home when you have something contagious is healthier for you, and a common courtesy to others. But it is also important to take precautions to not get sick in the first place. Your keyboard, mouse, and telephone can all be havens of germs that can easily harm you and others. Regularly use a disinfecting spray to clean the crevices of your keyboard and other technology. Disinfecting wipes are also good for desks and phones. Being sensible about sickness and taking the time to get better when necessary will reduce the time it’ll take to get better (Yay). Being a trooper and going in sick not only prolongs your sickness, it’ll affect others too (Boo).

All of these tips boil down to this: know your limits. Being self aware is key to being healthy. Know when to take a break, when to stay home, and when you need a vacation. Taking active steps to staying healthy with keeping an eye on your posture, water intake, and diet are also very important. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to end when you punch in!


Remember, we are always here to help! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 802-863-2020. Or you’d like to come by to chat face to face, or to take a gander at our fancy raising desks, don’t hesitate to swing by our office!

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