Greetings from the Vermont Mortgage Company! We hope you’re out enjoying the beautiful weather! With April already in full swing, we wanted to share with you some tips on preparing your house for the coming Spring. This will be especially useful to those who are planning on selling their house in the next few months! As we have said before, curb appeal is incredibly important! Hopefully these small tweaks will draw an even bigger crowd!


1 – Touching up the paint

With the harsh winters we experience up here in Vermont, the outside of our houses can take a beating. Little chips and cracks can be pretty unsightly, and you don’t want anything to lower you curb appeal. Either grab a paint scraper and some paint, or hire a professional. While painting the entire thing can be expensive, touching up won’t break the bank and can definitely help in the long run.

2 – Check your lawn

Your lawn has also suffered a great deal, with several feet of snow lying on top of it. April is a good time to find out if your lawn has any divots. After a shower, check to see if any puddles formed; that’s where your lawn has sunken in. Simply wait for the lawn to dry and fill in the hole with dirt. The grass will grow back up through several inches of soil.

3 – Flower Beds

Check on those flower beds! A ton of dead leaves and gravel has probably gotten mixed in, making it difficult for  those flowers to grow. Clean out the beds and lay down some fresh mulch to put around those new flowers to make them pop more. Having an inviting and well kept garden greatly increases your curb appeal!

4 – A breath of fresh air for your home

Your home likes to breath, hence the vents positioned around the house to prevent stagnating air and mildew. It is best to check these vents for possible detritus and obstructions. Also, check the screens to make sure they’re  intact. Any holes could be an open door for critters!

5 – Call in the pros!

Finally, if you don’t have a green a thumb, there’s no reason to not call in a professional landscaper. They can survey your land and determine what will be best for you, and can provide services you may not have, like power washers. There are plenty of options open for you to get advice on how to beautify your home!


We hope our little checklist has been as useful to you as it has been for us! As your local mortgage experts, we pride ourselves in being a reliable source. Feel free to call us at 802-863-2020, or visit us at our website!

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