The past 2 weeks we have tackled some heavy stuff. This week, we’ve decided to do something a little more fun. What better way to unwind than enjoying some local events? Luckily for us, the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival 2017 is well underway! We love ourselves a bit of jazz, so why not spread the word? There will be many events spanning over a week, so get in on the fun.

The events will be held on and around Church Street, and the surrounding Burlington area. There will be tons of big names visiting our fair city, as well as many local venues as well. Free music can be experienced on four stages along Church Street. For the premium experience, there are headline shows being held at the Flynn, hosting famous jazz performers such as Diana Krall and Robert Cray.

So far we’ve enjoyed the sounds of Pink Martini in a sold out concert at the Flynn, and many performances up and down Church Street. This weekend we are looking forward to concerts being held on the waterfront. The crowd is invited to dance along to the music of Arrested Development, Operation: Prince and Blakdenim, to name a few. And don’t worry about the bleak weather forecast; all the waterfront events are held under a tent, so the rain can’t cramp your style!

Many of these events are free, but to snag some tickets for the premier stuff, head on over to the Jazz Festival Website and pick out what tickles your fancy. Tickets can also be bought at the venue, but be warned, they are selling fast! Banking on someone selling their tickets outside minutes before the venue is not recommended.

If you find yourself downtown, why not pay us a visit? Located conveniently on lower College St., your local mortgage experts are easy to find! Our web address is always open as well, along with our phone at 802-863-2020. We hope to see you downtown this week!

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