Ronnie at VMC was great to work with. He talks fast but takes the time to answer all your questions. Most importantly, he works fast, is readily available whenever you need him (days/nights/weekends), and is on top of his stuff! He seems to really know the markets and rates, and we felt very comfortable working with him as a result. Highly recommended!
Cory Meier Avatar
Cory Meier
We had the pleasure of working with Ronnie twice and each time the experience was nothing short from amazing. The first time we ended up buying in the mist of COVID, as we were trying to relocate back to VT. His attendance, attention to details, personally, professionalism and the love to do what he does is top notch. If you are looking for an expert to help with your first or next home buy in VT, give Ronnie a call, you would not be disappointed.
Romina Fox Avatar
Romina Fox
Friendly and easy to work with. They were quick to get me what I needed when I needed it. They worked with me on several offers and even worked up multiple financing options to review and pick from.
Shane Corlman Avatar
Shane Corlman
Ronnie and team were great partners for us. We searched for several months for the right property and Ronnie took care of all of the details on our mortgage in every offer and ultimately when we purchased.
Diane Swint Avatar
Diane Swint
We found Alyssa and VT Mortgage Company as a suggestion from our Realtor. We have owned multiple homes over the last 25 years and had always used our long time bank for financing. After getting frustrated with the level of service we were receiving from our go to institution, we decided to seek out a local mortgage lender. It was the best decision we made regarding financing, and we went from pre-packaged email replies from our bank to a direct and personal connection with Alyssa. We were able to reach her at anytime via email, phone, or text and she was instrumental in helping us feel at ease while shopping for mortgages at these current rates. Ultimately she secured a rate that was better than our bank, or anyone else for that matter, but more importantly Alyssa just made the whole process so much less stressful. We would highly recommend her expertise and can't wait to refinance with her soon. Thanks again!
Bob Amy Avatar
Bob Amy

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