Want to lower your interest rate, pay off debt, and give yourself peace of mind? Consider refinancing!

home-03At Vermont Mortgage Company, we offer an array of flexible refinancing products that meet your goals and accommodate your financial needs.

With refinancing, the primary goal is to realize long-term financial savings with a lower interest rate than that of your current mortgage. You may also want to take advantage of some of the equity of your property by financing more than you need, to pay for expenses such as home improvements or repairs.

Predicting interest rate movements is impossible, so it’s hard to know when the perfect time is to refinance. So ask yourself: what rate would you need before refinancing makes sense? And, do you know how refinancing closing costs will figure in to your calculations? Our free Refinancing Advisor worksheet is designed to help you answer these questions, and narrow down your options based on your individual needs.

Our Refinancing Advisor is quick and easy, and the more questions you answer, the more accurate your results. You’ll receive the Vermont refinancing information you need to make an informed decision. Don’t wait, start today!


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